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i just downloaded the whole duran duran discography.

i don’t think I’m gonna be getting any sleep tonight.

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finally someone who speaks english!

Eranu Uvavu: a visual history
Shooting Stars series two, part one (more)

HEY remember when Peter Capaldi was in House of 9 playing a camp fashion designer who became way to obsessed with chicken and potatoes. And then he took his belt off.


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can’t believe i managed to be a few feet away from both Bob AND Reece last night and then Reece tweeted me this morning. 

That was a good twenty four hours.


Absolutely incredible night seeing two of my favourite comedians on Earth, #reeceshearsmith and #bobmortimer. I didn’t think a humble radio interview could make me cry tears of laughter. I am on a high 😍😂 #leagueofgentlemen #vicandbob (at RADA Studios)

Soooooo good omg Bob is such a babe and Reece was so adorable and it was all just so great

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott

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